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What's Going on at Local 41

Network Negotiating Committee Prepares for NBC Bargaining
    The NABET-CWA Local 41 e-survey of NBC members, which include a call for proposals, comes to a close this month. The information and proposals gathered will aid the Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) as they prepare for early bargaining with NBC.  WMAQ-TV/NBC Steward Ed Dabrowski has been selected as Local 41's representative on the NNC.  President Don Villar will be his alternate.  If members have any last minute proposals, please reach out to the Local 41 Office.
   Local 41 will also be gearing up for mobilization in support of bargaining with NBC.  Members are urged to wear red on Thursdays to show their solidarity. The mobilization committee will be holding other events and rallies in support of bargaining in the coming weeks.
  The NABET-CWA/NBC Master Agreement Expires on March 31, 2018.  

Local 41 Members Train on New Drone Technology
  The recent news coverage from Texas and Florida of the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma demonstrated the effective deployment of drones in news coverage and news gathering.  Drones were used to capture flooding and some of the most shocking damage from the storms.  Drones provided unique images, angles and vantage points for crews covering the storms and its aftermath.
  As stations and networks deploy and incorporate drones in their news coverage, NABET-CWA Local41 wants to make sure our members are prepared and ready to operate the new technology when called.  Local held 41 held a Drone Training at the Workers United Hall near the Illinois Medical District.
  NABET-CWA Local 41 member Colin Hinkle, one of the first commercial drone users in the Chicago media market, led the training.  Colin's company, "Soaring Badger", has captured amazing drone footage. 
  The first part of the training included a classroom discussion on drones and the various rules and regulations that apply to operators.  It was followed by a field demonstration.  
  A special thanks to our brothers and sisters at Workers United CMJRB for making their Near Westside headquarters available for the training.  We hope to follow up with additional and more advanced drone training for members in the coming months.

NABET-CWA Local 41 Drone Training photos - courtesy Frank Rice, Raza Siddiqui, Mike Cunningham and Colin Hinkle

NABET-CWA Local Training

If members have any suggestions for other training modules on new technology or to sharpen skills, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Local 41 Office.  Also, Local41 offers training opportunities to members through

Help for Hurricane Harvey

   Our hearts go out to NABET-CWA Local 41 members in Texas, their families, friends and neighbors and all those in Texas who've been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  The images of devastation, destruction and flooding in Houston and along the Texas coast ravaged by Hurricane Harvey have been heartbreaking.  You are in our thoughts and prayers. 
   Working people are at their best when they're helping each other.  NABET-CWA Local 41 is joining other Unions from around the country in helping Hurricane Harvey victims.  Please consider helping by contributing to the Texas AFL-CIO - whose members are actively leading some of the "on the ground" relief efforts.

NABET-CWA Local 41 Members at the Southeast Side Labor Day Parade
Local 41 President Don Villar, Local 41 Secretary Jorge Lara, WMAQ-TV Steward Mabel Miller, WSNS-TV Steward Raza Siddiqui and Local Vice President Chris Willadsen unfurl the Local 41 banner before the start of the Southeast Side Labor Day Parade.
Left to Right, Chicago Federation of Labor Secretary Treasurer Robert Reiter, CWA Local 4250 Vice President Sylvia Chapman, Villar, CWA Local 4250 President, Liz VanDerWoude, Willadsen, Miller, Sara Sadat, CWA Local 4250 RMC Steve Tiza, Chicago News Guild President Grace Catania, Frank Catania. 
Local 41 Joins in Labor in the Pulpit
President Villar joined dozens of other labor activists and workers rights advocate on Labor Day weekend to talk at churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship around Chicago and the suburbs about work and faith.  Arise Chicago, a faith based group advocating for working families, and the Chicago Federation of Labor organized the Labor in the Pulpit campaign.  Villar spoke at St. John Berchman's church in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood about work and faith.  
Save the Date! 
Next NABET-CWA Local 41 Members Meetup, Friday, November 3
Before we get too busy with the holiday gatherings and family festivities, NABET-CWA Local 41 will be holding a meetup that will also serve as the Local's Annual Membership Meeting.  We plan to tentatively hold this gathering at the Ambassador Public House at 310 S. Halsted in Greektown.  More details to come.  We hope to see you there. 
Jorge Lara, Maria Herrera, Paul Connolly, Raza Siddiqui, Tony Palos, Enrique Gonzalez, Don Villar & Jannelle White at the NABET-CWA Local 41 meetup on August 18, 2017
Dan Moreno & Raza Siddiqui (first and third from right) represent NABET-CWA Local 41 at the CWA Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. 
When someone claims Union Dues are spent on politics, that's not true. NABET-CWA members dues do not go towards politicians. The dues each and every member pays are for collective bargaining, workplace representation, member advocacy, grievance/arbitration, contract enforcement, training and skills building.  Members are invited to contribute to the CWA Committee on Political Education/Political Action Fund (COPE-PAF).  Big businesses and corporation spend billions on politicians each and every year pushing their agendas and issues that weakens workers rights.  Who is pushing for the rights of working families?  Unions!  Support that effort by contributing to CWA COPE-PAF through the link below.  
Support CWA COPE & PAF