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Record Retention

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Union Records Retention Policy

Questions often arise concerning the length of time union records must be retained.

Listed below are various forms retained by labor organizations and a suggested retention period for each form:

Hiring Hall Records - NLRB 6 Months from Date of Dispatch / 990 I.R.S. - 3 Years

Employee Tax Records - IRS, U.S. Dept. of Labor - at Least 5 Years from Date of Filing LM Reports and Financial and Records Used to Prepare

LM Reports - Retain Permanently

Collective Bargaining Agreements - Retain Permanently

Membership Applications - No Legal Requirement (Use Your Judgment)

Jurisdiction Agreements and Letters of Assignment - Retain Permanently

Payroll Records - 7 Years

Cancelled Checks - 7 Years

Financial Statements - 7 Years

IRS Returns - Retain Permanently (Except Backup Documentation)

Audit Reports - Retain Permanently

Paid Invoices - 7 Years

Members Dues Records - 5 Years

General Correspondence - 3 Years

General Membership Files - 3 Years

Election Ballot Materials - 1 Year (from Date of Certification of Election)