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Petition: Fighting for Economic Justice & Democracy

20 Sep, 2021

The most recent version of the bill includes historic labor reforms that will help more workers join unions and give union members more power to negotiate for better wages and working conditions.

It contains a lot of the things we have been fighting for in the PRO Act* including:

  • Real financial penalties for employers who retaliate against workers organizing a union
  • A ban on mandatory anti-union, captive audience meetings
  • Personal liability for executives who knowingly break labor law
  • A ban on permanently replacing or discriminating against workers who go on strike

Sign the petition to tell Congress to get the Build Back Better Act passed:

We’ll let you know when we deliver the signatures later this month and be back in touch with other ways you can take action.

Building Back Better means building with union labor. Every single worker deserves to be paid fairly, have safe working conditions, and shouldn’t be punished for organizing a union and speaking up for our rights.

CEOs and the super-rich hold so much power over our economy and laws have been rigged in favor of the wealthy, not the workers. They get richer while our wages stay stagnant and our working conditions get worse. That’s why we need big changes.

Let’s make sure Congress stands with us and passes this legislation. Please also consider joining us for a phone bank on Thursday, September 23rd at 6pm ET / 5pm CT / 4pm MT / 3pm PT to tell Congress to do the right thing and pass this bill! RSVP here.

In unity,
Dan Mauer
CWA Director of Government Affairs

* Learn more about the PRO Act here:

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