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Urge Your Senator to Support H.R. 6201

CLICK HERE to Urge Your Senator to Support H.R. 6201

H.R. 6201 will encourage working people to seek testing for COVID-19 by making the tests free for most people covered by employment-based insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We believe this is a crucial step to contain the spread of the virus.

Recognizing that the United States lacks adequate paid sick days or paid leave to make it possible for workers to stay home when we need to, and protect ourselves from financial hardship, the bill mandates that workers who are sick or affected by quarantine orders receive up to 14 paid sick days and up to 12 weeks of paid leave per year. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of workers will not be eligible because the White House insisted on exempting large employers from this requirement. In addition, health care workers and first responders are left unprotected. We urge Congress to broaden these provisions to protect all working people when it considers subsequent legislation to address the COVID-19 pandemic.