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Senator Manchin Should Listen to West Virginians and Support the For the People Act


Statement from the CWA West Virginia State Council:

For over a decade, CWA members in West Virginia and across our country have been fighting to protect the ability of working people to fully participate in our democracy. We have seen our votes overshadowed by the corrupting influence of secret money in our elections. Extreme partisan gerrymandering and laws designed to restrict the access of working people and voters of color to their constitutional right to participate in elections have made it harder for us to find common ground and shifted power from the people to corporate elites.

We know that Senator Manchin shares our vision of an American democracy revitalized by fully engaged citizens participating in free and fair elections. He demonstrated his commitment to that vision by making voting more accessible through vote by mail and early voting while serving as our Secretary of State here in West Virginia, provisions included in the For the People Act. By recognizing that Republicans in the Senate are opposing the For the People Act out of concern for their short term political interests instead of the health of our democracy, Senator Manchin can help realize that vision.

Senator Manchin should listen to the majority of West Virginia voters – Independents, Republicans, and Democrats – who support the reforms in the For the People Act and judge the bill on its merits.


Contact: Jeff Anderson, President – WV CWA State Council (, 304-476-1342;
​​​​​​​Elaine Harris (, 304-541-7293