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Rep. Wild Reintroduces Philippine Human Rights Act to Stop Attacks on Labor Activists

On Tuesday, Rep. Susan Wild (D-Penn.) reintroduced the Philippine Human Rights Act. The Act suspends security assistance to the Philippines until President Rodrigo Duterte's regime ends its brutal campaign targeting labor leaders and activists.

During a press event announcing the reintroduction, Rep. Wild noted that CWA members and call center workers in the Philippines have a long history of working toward their common goals, including during the 2016 Verizon strike when Filipino workers who handled Verizon calls showed their support with pickets and workplace actions. "This is about solidarity," Rep. Wild said, "It's about standing up for one another and understanding that protecting labor rights and all human rights here at home requires supporting those same rights abroad."

CWA District 7 Vice President Brenda Roberts, who chairs CWA's Customer Service Program, also spoke at the event. "It is clear the attacks on free speech and democracy are on the rise in the Philippines. We cannot stand idly by while Duterte kills labor activists one by one.

"We must condemn it, and do every single thing within our power to stop it. And that starts with legislation like the Philippine Human Rights Act."