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RAB 2017

The Regional Advisory Board for Regions 2 and 6 held its annual meeting on August 5-6 in Pittsburgh. The RAB consists of one person from each local in Regions 2 and 6, many of whom also attended the CWA Convention. Attendees discussed union business, listened to speakers and took part in breakout training sessions.

            Judy Graves, CWA District 6 Organizing Director, led the “CWA Strong” workshop, which calls for CWA locals at or below 80 percent organized to increase membership by 10 percentage points this year; for all locals to have active and effective organizing, legislative-political, and human rights committees and participate in boot camps and other trainings, and to build and strengthen the workplace mobilization structure, among other actions.

            Attendees were taught how to build the union through inside organizing in order to help their unrepresented co-workers gain representation. Once members have talked to co-workers about joining the union, they should identify key workplace issues and create an organizing committee. CWA can then help them build majority support.

            NABET-CWA Staff Representative Eric Seggi and Local 25 Steward Ron Gabalski led a Shop Stewards training class, which included legal advice and answers from Attorney Chuck DeGross.

            NABET-CWA General Counsel Judi Chartier presented updates on grievances and arbitrations, identifying key wins and losses, and Cornell University’s Paul Frank conducted a seminar about organizing.

            During a Social Media training session, NABET-CWA Social Media Coordinator Toni Buoy gave attendees tips on broadening their reach with Twitter and Facebook. In addition, all locals with websites learned how to link to a news and information package offered by the AFL-CIO. 

As published in the Fall 2017 NABET News