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For the People: More Choices for Voting

The ability to vote and to have a voice are critical to the health of our democracy. But laws regulating voting, the role of money in politics, and corporate lobbying have not kept up with changes in American politics.

The For the People Act addresses this problem. It is one of the most important bills that Congress will be considering, because under our current system, too many people have no real say in our government. Instead, the agenda is set by people who have the time to navigate confusing voting procedures and who have the money to hire expensive lobbyists.

Corporate executives want to keep things the way they are so they can keep calling the shots. They're doing whatever they can, including spreading misinformation about the bill, to hold on to their power.

To loosen the hold corporate money has on our country, we must build worker power, and to do that we need the For the People Act. Over the next few weeks, we will share information about how the For the People Act ensures that eligible voters can participate in elections and reduces the role of large donations in political campaigns.

Let's start with giving people more choices about where and when they vote.

In many states, the only way to cast a vote is to show up in person at a polling place during a limited timeframe on a single weekday. Often there are only a few polling locations, resulting in long waits. This means that only people who have flexible work schedules and who are physically able to endure a long wait can vote.

The For the People Act gives eligible voters in every state the ability to vote using secure methods like early voting, vote-by-mail, drop boxes, and absentee voting. This means that everyone will have a chance to vote for the candidates who they think would best represent them and to weigh in on ballot measures. It will be harder to exclude voters and manipulate results by limiting voting to a handful of hand-picked locations.

Tell Congress that it is time to update our voting system to give every eligible voter the chance to vote. Click here to send an email.