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NABET-CWA/NBCU Negotiations - Bulletin #2

NABET-CWA/NBCU Negotiations

Los Angeles, CA

Bulletin #2 - February 13, 2015

The NABET-CWA Bargaining Committee met in Los Angeles with representatives of NBC Universal February 3-10, 2015.

Attending on behalf of the Company were executives and business leaders from the NBCU Entertainment Division, Payroll, West Coast O&TS, Network News, and KNBC. The comprehensive and lengthy discussions focused on proposals made by both the Union and the Company.

The Company’s package of proposals contains a number of regressive moves, which could set terms and conditions of employment back years - even decades. Included in the package is a proposal for an unpaid meal period, resulting in a 7-hour workday and a 35-hour workweek. The net result of this proposal equates to a 12.5% reduction in pay. Other economic proposals from the Company include reducing the night shift differential corridor, a proposed change to the holiday payback system, along with yet another proposed incursion into the seniority system.

While reviewing and discussing the Union’s proposals – many of which are designed to improve overall economics and working conditions - the Company’s chief spokesman characterized them “outrageous”.

The Union was represented in this round of bargaining by Lou Marinaro (New York, Local 11), Steve Mitnick (Washington, D.C., Local 31), Ed Dabrowski (Chicago, Local 41), Steve Ross and Warren Stern (Burbank, CA, Local 53) as well as Local 11 attorney Steven Star and Local 53 attorney Ralph Phillips. NABET-CWA Acting Sector President Charles Braico led the talks for the Union’s team.

The parties are scheduled to resume negotiations on February 24, 2015, in New York City.

Bulletins and other official information concerning these negotiations will be distributed by the Sector and Locals as necessary. In the meantime, please ignore all rumors.

NABET-CWA Network Negotiating Committee