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NABET-CWA/ABC-Disney Negotiations - Bulletin #7

NABET-CWA/ABC-Disney Negotiations

New York City

Bulletin #7 - November 19, 2016

The NABET-CWA Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) resumed negotiations with ABC/Disney for a successor to the 2011-2017 NABET-CWA/ABC Master Agreement.  The parties met in New York City November 17th, 18th and 19th.

The parties conducted previous bargaining sessions in New York during two weeks in September, and in Los Angeles during two weeks in October.  The previous round concluded on October 19th.  This current round ended today at 4:00pm EST, following a meeting at ABC Headquarters in New York City. 

The negotiations have so far been conducted on-the-record, with full committees participating at the main bargaining table.  During some sessions, the parties have engaged in off-the-record sidebar discussions so that certain topics could be examined more deeply, with an unfiltered exchange of viewpoints.  The parties continue to make progress in the overall bargaining process, by narrowing the issues while also reaching agreement on dozens of Union and Company proposals.

While significant progress has been made to date, there are a number of outstanding issues which remain unresolved.  The parties are committed to scheduling additional bargaining dates in late January, in an effort to reach overall tentative agreement on a new contract before the March 31, 2017 expiration of the current Master Agreement.  Each Local is planning membership meetings in the coming weeks.  Details of those meetings will be released shortly.

Your ABC Network Negotiating Committee extends warm wishes to you and your families during the upcoming holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving!