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NABET-CWA Honors Three Distinguished Retirees

On August 5, NABET-CWA celebrated three retirees who have made valuable contributions during their long service to the union: Louis Fallot, a Staff Representative for 12 years and past president of Local 11; Fred Saburro, a 63-year member and long-time RVP of Region 2; and, Steve Sturm, the union’s legal representative for over 46 years.

            The celebration took place in conjunction with the CWA Convention and Regional Advisory Board meeting for Regions 2 and 6 in Pittsburgh. Several dozen gathered at Church Brew Works to honor the three men who all retired within the past year.

            In addition to the dinner, a first-time award was presented in Steve Sturm’s name – the Steve Sturm Award of Excellence – to Local 17 President Andy Halpin. Each year, the Sector Executive Council will present the award to a member who has gone “above and beyond” in his/her service to the union. The Sector Executive Council chooses the award winner each year.

            Sturm was “shocked” by the award and moved by the honor. “It was so terrific that I should have done it earlier,” he said of retirement. “It was so nice seeing all of those people and we had a great time.”

            Two resolutions were passed in honor of Fallot and Saburro. One, in recognition and appreciation of Fallot’s dedication to NABET-CWA, and the second for calling for an annual scholarship in Fred Saburro’s name – the Fred Saburro Scholarship. The scholarship awards $500 a year to an eligible member’s senior student in Region 2.

            “A lot of good things happened to me at that dinner. It was fantastic,” Saburro said of his becoming an honorary member of Local 16, the Vice President Emeritus of Region 2, and the scholarship in his name. “I saw a lot of people I know and love dearly,” he added. “NABET was my life and it was not easy to say goodbye.” Saburro said he was looking forward to his namesake Clambake, which is held each year on the Saturday after Labor Day.

            Fallot, who became a Staff Representative when he retired NBC after 40 years and served as the president of Local 11 for 2 ½ terms, said one of the things he will miss terribly is the people he works with.

            “The party and the RAB in Pittsburgh really brought to my attention what an honor and privilege it was to be able to represent our members from around the country,” Fallot said. “It’s a job unlike any other, and I wish whoever takes over much luck. It’s been a humbling experience.”

            Fallot’s future plans include a lot of volunteer work, especially helping working families. “They have always been my focus. These are some of the people who need the help the most.”

As published in the Fall 2017 NABET News