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NABET-CWA at 76th CWA Convention – Pittsburgh, PA

CWA delegates came together for the “CWA Strong/Union Strong” Convention, held August 7-8 at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Dozens of delegates from most NABET-CWA locals attended the biennial event, where CWA delegates gathered to discuss union business, give reports, present resolutions, and make amendments to the union’s constitution.

            CWA President Chris Shelton recognized CWA members and activists who walked picket lines and stood with striking workers at AT&T, Verizon, AT&T Mobility, and Momentive. NABET-CWA members in Chicago, Pennsylvania and New York walked the picket line in support of AT&T workers in May.

            NABET-CWA Sector President Charlie Braico spoke to the convention delegates about the continuing battle to win justice for workers at CNN.

            Three NABET-CWA delegates were selected for CWA Convention committees: Local 24 President Dianne Chase served on the Constitution Committee; Local 31 President Rich McDermott served on the Credentials Committee; and Local 53 Secretary Cheryl Bacon was on the Resolutions and Rules Committee, which approved seven resolutions, including one on workers’ rights and human rights that calls for building and supporting active Human Rights, Women’s, and Civil Rights and Equity Committees in every local. 

As published in the Fall 2017 NABET News