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Members of CWA Local 7000 in Tucson Win Largest Ever Pay Raise

On May 4, more than 1,000 members of CWA Local 7000 who work for the city of Tucson, Ariz., won a new compensation package that raised wages to fair market levels for the first time. This is the largest boost in pay ever for the city's employees. All city workers, including court personnel, Section 8 housing representatives and inspectors, 911 call center workers and dispatchers and civilians serving with police will now make a minimum of $15 per hour.

COVID-19 restrictions were a challenge, but members, officers, and stewards mobilized in a big way, contacting the mayor and city councilors by telephone and via online meetings. Linda Hatfield, president of CWA Local 7000, acknowledged the hard work of members, whose voices were finally heard in city hall. She praised Tucson Mayor Regina Romero for listening to workers and for supporting a serious compensation study that showed more than 80% of the city's employees are paid far below market rates. "This type of wage adjustment is long overdue," said Hatfield. "It has been a good year so far!"