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It’s Time for GE to Bring Jobs Home

IUE-CWA members, along with a coalition of labor, environmental, trade, and veterans groups, launched a national campaign last week calling on General Electric to reinvest in domestic manufacturing jobs in green energy and military and commercial aviation.

The campaign includes powerful television and digital advertisements featuring IUE-CWA members and highlighting the impacts of GE’s offshoring of defense contracted work and the environmental impacts of GE’s expanding global supply chain.

"A generation of workers in the United States has been betrayed by the relentless outsourcing and offshoring of what once were family-supporting, middle class jobs," said CWA president Chris Shelton in a statement about the campaign launch. “GE is an iconic American company. It has dozens of manufacturing facilities with excess capacity that can be put to use rebuilding our communities and our country."

“GE has the chance to once again be a leader in American manufacturing – by bringing jobs back to American factories,” added IUE-CWA Industrial Division President Carl Kennebrew. We are calling on GE to do the right thing, and invest in the American factories that fueled their past success. Our workers are highly trained, and stand ready to be a part of the future of American manufacturing – we hope GE will seize this opportunity.”

IUE-CWA members across the country held a Bring It Home GE day of action last week calling on the company to stop offshoring, and to invest and to increase jobs at their manufacturing facilities.