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DISNEY/ABC – COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

BULLETINOctober 8, 2021

DISNEY/ABC – COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

NABET-CWA has reached a comprehensive agreement with the Company regarding COVID-19 vaccines and relevant policies impacting your employment.  This important agreement with the Company will help to provide our members with the safest workplace possible; while still ensuring that members with medical conditions who cannot get the vaccine, and members with sincerely held religious beliefs regarding vaccinations, are accommodated to allow their safe, continued employment.

 Other important elements contained in the Agreement include:


  • NABET-CWA represented employees will have until November 13, 2021 to become fully vaccinated.  The definition of “fully vaccinated” is:  At least two (2) weeks after the final dose in a two-dose COVID vaccination series, or at least two (2) weeks after a single-dose vaccine.
  • Up to four (4) hours of paid time off to receive each required dose of the vaccine.
  • Up to two (2) additional paid sick days, in addition to the employee’s normal complement of paid sick days, if the employee cannot attend work as a result of a reaction to the vaccination whether that reaction occurred before or after the effective date of this Agreement. (applicable to full-time staff employees and eligible daily hire employees)
  • A confidential and secure portal for proof of vaccinated status, through outside third-party vendors.
  • A secure and confidential accommodation determination process for medical or religious accommodation requests.  All accommodation requests will be processed by the Disney Global HR Operations and Employee Relations teams.
  • Notice to the Union prior to any disciplinary action for employees who decline to receive the vaccine, and have not been granted a Company-approved accommodation.

 NOTE: NABET-CWA represented employees working in the field on sports remotes are subject to an earlier Company policy which required those employees to be fully vaccinated by August 1, 2021.

NABET-CWA is supportive of the COVID vaccination program, and we urge all members to get the vaccine as soon as possible.  We will keep you advised of any new developments, and we remind you to reach out to your Local Union office with any questions or concerns. 



In Solidarity,

President Arthur Mazzacca (Local 16)

President Bob Williams (Local 31)

President Chris Willadsen (Local 41)

President Carrie Biggs-Adams (Local 51)

NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico