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CWA Public Workers in Columbus Win Essential Pay from City Council

CWA Local 4502 members in Columbus, Ohio, have won their fight for premium pay for workers who were deemed essential or had consistent and on-going contact and interaction with residents of the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualifying workers will receive $1000 each.

To win the pay, members of the local worked with other city unions and City Council President Shannon Hardin. The city will fund the program with money from the American Rescue Plan. Thanks to pressure from CWA members and our allies, Congress included money for state and local governments in the bill that can be used for pandemic premium pay.

"Our members have worked hard during the pandemic to provide services to those residing and/or working in the City of Columbus,” said CWA Local 4502 President Susan Wilson. “Until this legislation, nothing had been done, monetarily, for those that left their homes putting themselves and their families at risk. Many of these men and women picked up extra shifts, worked extended shifts, different hours, and different days all to maintain the services to those who live and/or work in Columbus. I am so proud of the employees we represent, they repeatedly demonstrate they are the best of the best."

Watch Wilson’s testimony to the Columbus City Council here.