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CWA and Community Leaders Tell GE: Reinvest in Good Union Jobs Now

On April 15, in a letter published in the Boston Globe, more than 100 labor leaders, lawmakers, environmental activists, and allies called on General Electric (GE) to stop outsourcing and offshoring American jobs. The letter is part of a broad campaign led by IUE-CWA Local 81201 to convince GE to reinvest in workers and manufacturing facilities in Lynn, Mass., and throughout the country.

The letter explains that GE "focused on financial engineering when the world needed electrical engineering," engaging in business practices that accelerated a "race-to-the-bottom economic model that has gutted the American middle class." The signers urged the company to create more and better jobs that would improve the U.S. economy, combat climate change, and safeguard national security.

In an article that ran in the Boston Globe, Adam Kasnyski, President of IUE-CWA Local 81201, said, "GE is an American brand. They get a lot of incentives from the government. They get contracts from the government. The government should be able to step in and persuade GE to make a future in Lynn." An upcoming May Day event will bring together labor and better housing advocates in Lynn.

The letter and more information about the campaign are available online at GE Stop Outsourcing.