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Bargaining Update

Blue State

After months of negotiations, workers at creative agency Blue State have voted to approve their first collective bargaining agreement. The agreement provides job security, structure, and clarity for the workers, who are represented by CWA Local 1101 in New York. The group organized as part of the CWA’s CODE-CWA initiative and won voluntary recognition in October, 2020.


Boston Globe

Workers at the Boston Globe (TNG-CWA Local 31245) raised their concerns about mistreatment and basic workplace rights in an open letter to legendary feminist Gloria Steinem. The letter was sent ahead of Steinem’s scheduled appearance with Boston Globe Media Partners CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry on a WBUR 90.9 FM sponsored panel on Monday. The NewsGuild-CWA represents about 300 reporters, editors, advertising staffers, IT specialists, and more who have been working without a contract for almost 1,000 days.

The workers also protested outside the WBUR event to call out Pizzuti Henry's lack of support for the employees. The letter and the protest were the latest in a series of public rebukes of Globe management, including a Friday night scorecard giveaway at Fenway Park during which Globe employees handed out free scorecards informing fans that Globe executives were “striking out” when it comes to the treatment of their employees.

Boston News Guild (TNG-CWA Local 31245) members demanding better treatment and working conditions at a protest outside the WBUR event.



Frontier workers in California have been picketing to raise awareness and increase pressure on the company to negotiate a fair contract with the union. In the LA Times coverage of a picket organized by CWA Local 9510 in Huntington Beach, workers shared their grievances against the company which has failed to meet the demands of the nearly 2,000 Frontier workers represented by CWA in California. The current contract has expired and the workers have overwhelmingly passed a strike authorization vote that gives the union the ability to strike if necessary. Frontier workers across the state continue to mobilize and fight for a fair contract. For more information on bargaining updates please visit the CWA District 9 Website.

Frontier workers in California picketing for a fair contract.