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AFA-CWA Member Calls For Empathy and Respect, End to Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Last week, Stan Kiino, a member of AFA-CWA Local 29011 who serves on the board of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), wrote a powerful letter to fellow union members on the occasion of Asian American Heritage Month.

In calling attention to the increase in anti-Asian violence and hate, Kiino said, "The incidents range from racist name-calling to violence resulting in serious injury and in some cases fatality ... Clearly there is no room in either our unions or our workplaces for this hatred. Neither our unions nor our employers should tolerate hate and discrimination."

Kiino spoke of the importance of celebrating diversity in our workplaces and taking an interest in each other and our backgrounds. The resulting conversations among members "often result in understanding, empathy, and respect" and can "change hearts and minds," he wrote.

Kiinos full letter is available at

APALA has created a useful toolkit for union activists on how we can build a "movement that is truly inclusive of all workers and that fights to end anti-Asian racism with the same fervor as we fight for workers' rights." You can access the toolkit at