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Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act Will Create and Protect Good Jobs

Millions of people across the country don't have access to affordable broadband due to the digital divide – a cycle of profit-driven discrimination that has only grown worse during the pandemic.

Last Thursday, Rep. James Clyburn and Sen. Amy Klobuchar reintroduced the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act, an ambitious piece of legislation that would expand affordable, high-speed broadband to all Americans, while creating thousands of good jobs.

"CWA members, especially the technicians who build these networks, have seen firsthand how our nation's inadequate investment in broadband has exacerbated inequality during the pandemic," said CWA President Chris Shelton. "With a new President and Congress in power, we now have an incredible chance to build back better and transform our nation by ensuring affordable, high speed broadband access for all, regardless of race, income, or geography. Rep. Clyburn's broadband infrastructure bill introduced today includes strong provisions to expand broadband access to rural communities and protect good union jobs across the country."