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17th Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks


In memory of Don DiFranco, WABC engineer killed on 9/11 (WABC)

This is the 17th anniversary of the horrific attacks that senselessly took the lives of thousands of people.

Thirty-two CWA, AFA-CWA and NABET-CWA members lost their lives on September 11, 2001, on planes and on the ground at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. Other CWA members played a major role: telecom techs worked right at Ground Zero around the clock for many days to get communications up and running, health care members showed compassion and care to all who needed it, and public safety members were on the job keeping all of us safe.

Since 9/11, many more telecom workers, public sector workers, nurses, and NABET-CWA news crews have suffered long-term illnesses or have died as a result of their exposures to the toxic dust clouds generated that day.

It has taken nearly 15 years for Congress to approve the first round of funding for medical programs to help these victims. To get the long-term funding needed, we must overcome the Republican obstructionists who have blocked this life-saving care for those hurt on this horrible day.