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UPDATE: NABET-CWA ABC-TV Members: Kronos Incident/Payroll Report Form



October 30, 2020

URGENT: Kronos Incident/Payroll Report Form

Dear NABET-CWA Member working for ABC:

Now that Disney/ABC has implemented Kronos, NABET-CWA is carefully monitoring all issues regarding this Time Recording System, particularly in light of a recent arbitration decision denying the Union's initial grievance in this matter.

Several dozen incidents have been reported to the Union from all NABET-CWA ABC locations. Those incidents include base pay shortages or incorrect rates, missing meal penalties, missing OTE payments, missing overtime, "rounding down" of overtime to the previous minute, issues downloading or using the Kronos App, inappropriate instructions from management concerning "work arounds" for Kronos which are tantamount to falsifying Company records, as well as other serious potential violations of the NABET-CWA/ABC Master Agreement and/or federal, state, or municipal wage and hour regulations.

Therefore, in order to properly document any and all discrepancies to both correct missing or incorrect pay, and to flag potential violations of the Master Agreement and labor law, the NABET-CWA Sector and Local 16, 31, 41, and 51 have created this form to allow you to immediately make the Union aware of emerging Kronos related issues. Please use this form to record each and every incident you have had involving Kronos, especially incidents involving incorrect pay.

This form is designed to provide you immediate access to Union officials and allow us to centrally collect your input. Any information you provide will only be used internally by Union Officials and will also be given to the Union's attorneys for their review and assistance in resolving Kronos issues. Please fill out this form, using the links below, as soon as you become aware of Kronos system problems, payroll problems, or inappropriate management behavior regarding your individual use of Kronos. Thank you for your assistance in helping your Union achieve justice for all in this matter.

In Solidarity,

The leadership of NABET-CWA and Locals 16, 31, 41 and 51.

NABET-CWA Kronos Incident/Payroll Report Form