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Questionnaire - NY & LA Network Distribution Consolidation

17 Mar, 2020

NABET-CWA ABC-TV Members: NY & LA Network Distribution Consolidation

NABET-CWA Leadership from the Sector and Locals 16 and 51, as well as Union attorneys, will be formally meeting with ABC-TV Labor Relations and T.O.E. Management on March 12 and March 26, 2020. While the Union Committee includes members that work in the affected areas in both cities, we recognize that everyone facing the impact of this situation might have questions or insights that you might want to bring to our attention. This form is designed to provide you immediate access to our Committee prior to our meetings, and allow us to centrally collect your input. Any information you provide will be used internally by our Union's committee and will also be given to the Union's attorneys for their review and assistance in considering your input. Please feel free to fill out this form. You are not required to leave contact information, but that would allow us to follow up with you if we have questions. Thank you for your participation.  (Note questions with an * are required.)In Solidarity, the leadership of NABET-CWA and Locals 16 and 51.