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Owosso Office moves to unionize, and is immediately marked for closure

48 hours after the workers of the Owosso office of the multinational Vista Entertainment solutions moved to unionize with NABET-CWA, the office was marked for closure.

The Friday after the movement to unionize, the workers were sent an invitation to a mandatory meeting that the  Vista Entertainment Solutions US President silently clicked play on a video recording  of the New Zealand based CEO announcing the shuttering of the Owosso office citing wage inflation and COVID recovery as the cause.  Once the video was over the meeting was ended  immediately. This came as a shock to everyone at the office as well as the Los Angeles office since the Owosso office was meant to be the growth location for the company.


The 15 members of the Owosso office have filed a ULP (Unfair Labor Practice) with the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) in hopes of being able to keep the site open and keep their jobs. 

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