The Story of TPP

TPP = NAFTA on steroids

Republicans in Congress want to fast-track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Justice At CNN After 11 Years

WASHINGTON -- After 11 years, CNN employees finally have a measure of justice.

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Class On Demand

Free Class On Demand Training for NABET-CWA Members

NABET-CWA is pleased to announce the launch of its new training partnership with Class on Demand.

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National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicans

NABET-CWA - National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-Communications Workers of America, is a Union devoted to aiding workers like you who are employed in the broadcasting, distributing, telecasting, recording, cable, video, sound recording and related industries in North America.

NABET-CWA/NBCU Negotiations - Bulletin #5

The 2009-2015 NABET-CWA/NBCU Master Agreement expired at midnight last night.

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NABET-CWA/NBCU Negotiations - Bulletin #4

As we approach March 31st the expiration date of the NABET-CWA/NBCU Master Agreement - your bargaining committee files this important update.

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WJLA Meeting

A WJLA Unit meeting was held Saturday, March 21, at the office of Local 31 in Lanham, MD, during which the membership raised many concerns about their new owner, Sinclair Broadcasting.

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Photos & Video

NABET Signal
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“We Are NABET” Mobilization
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The fight against Corporate Greed.
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